Grr… I’m so confused/frustrated

So this new guy started at my office a little over two months ago and we work indirectly with each other. From the moment we were introduced I was gaga over him (like pick jaw up off ground gaga)

I still can’t tell if he’s gay/straight/Bi/other. I’ve always been really bad at ‘gaydar’ but he’s a little effeminate and I swear he’s flirting with me.

He is very much not what I would consider my type (effeminate, ditsy, 3 years younger, and twinkish) but I am SO attracted to him. I was chatting up a friend who happens to sit across the isle from him and walked away from that conversation when new guy started talking to me and I was drawn away (pheromoned away, as my friend put it) which just about perfectly sums it up since I didn’t even realize it was happening.

Then today he just got reassigned and is now one of my cube mates… I want so badly to just make a move but of course am shy and afraid of creating tension/office weirdness. Him being cute little twink boy and me havig always been the fat kid isn’t doing anything for my self esteem.

Just needed to vent, comments are welcome but keep them nice 😋




This legitimately could not get any more perfect. So hot.